Saturday, January 24, 2009

Searching for a proposal idea?!

The wonderful Shanna Murray and I launched an online shop this winter called Hello Handmade. This Valentine's day we are offering something very unique for those people out there who are "penmanship challenged!" You can order one of our letterpressed cards (that Shanna lovingly illustrated and designed) and then compose a message to your sweetheart that I will inscribe and address and send directly to your honey! We launched this very special project yesterday, and they will be available for order for only two weeks.
But the real reason I am blogging about this is because my favorite part of the whole process so far has been reading the messages that people would like written on their postcard, and I keep HOPING beyond all hope that one of them will be a proposal! How sweet would that be?! So if you know of any potential fiances in the market for a sweet idea...... :)

1 comment:

Hitomi said...

I am really sad I missed out on this opportunity. I hope you do this again next year.