Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Addressing Opaque Envelopes

A couple of you asked about what I do when I can't see a template through an envelope because it is a dark color or completely opaque, such as the wedding envelopes I just mailed off yesterday that were gray and lined. The process is much more time consuming and painstaking than simply inserting a lined template. It is nice to have a venue to explain a process like this!
I must first draw a light pencil line on each envelope, then address it, then wait for the ink to dry, then erase the line with a good quality eraser so that no trace is left. I use a drafting brush to sweep away the eraser crumbs.
The result is a perfectly straight address, but the steps necessary to get to that point on an opaque envelope are a bit tedious.
Here are all the envelopes-- addressed, lines erased, and ready to be mailed!

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